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Martha, the Scourage of School Lunches Everywhere

Nine-year-old Martha Payne has taken food blogging to a new arena.  This creative third grader, in an effort to expose what little Scottish kids are forced to eat each school day, has been photographing and rating her lunches and posting them online.  She has developed quite a following and is even posting submissions from other students (including a very nice-looking lunch from Taiwan).

Congrats to Martha for being a pint-sized foodie and school lunch reformist (even if the latter is unintentional)!

Women's Rights Are Human Rights

For those of you trying to suppress them, welcome to the ranks of other great human rights-violators, like China, Russia, and Syria.

A White Dude's Argument Against Voting For Romney

This is a stinging rebuke for white people who are voting for Romney.  What’s more is that this article is written by a middle-aged white guy.  Impressive, and a little shocking (warning:  the N-word does get dropped).